Annual Report 2014

Key events 2014

Posti started the home deliveries of purchases made at the online grocery store Kauppahalli24

Kauppahalli24, an online consumer goods store operating in the capital region, and Posti started cooperation early last year. Posti delivers the purchased goods home during the two-hour time frame selected by the customer. In addition to basic products, the store’s extensive and high-quality selection includes fresh meat and fish as well as freshly baked bread, for example.


Sanna Ahonen appointed Senior Vice President, Strategy & Development

Sanna Ahonen, M.Sc. (Econ), was appointed Senior Vice President, Strategy & Development and a member of Posti’s Executive Board in January. She joined Posti on April 1, 2014. Ahonen is responsible for strategic planning, process development, ICT and M&A. She reports to President and CEO Heikki Malinen.

Before joining Posti, Ahonen worked for Finnair, where she was responsible for Corporate Development. Prior to that she worked at Nokia Siemens Networks holding different positions and heading, among others, the Strategic Change Projects unit and Business Excellence unit on a division level. She has also worked at Basware as Vice President of Global Consulting.


Arto Hiltunen continued as Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting was held in Helsinki on March 25, 2014. The Annual General Meeting elected Mölnlycke Health Care’s Global Supply Chain Planning Director Petri Järvinen, Google Deutschland GmbH’s Director, Retail Petri Kokko and Senior Financial Specialist Marja Pokela from the Government Ownership Steering as new members of the Board of Directors. Arto Hiltunen continued as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Satu Haapanen, MP (the Greens of Finland) was elected as a new member of the Supervisory Board. Mauri Pekkarinen continued as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.


Itella Posti and Itella Logistics merged

At the end of April, the Board of Directors approved a plan for the merger of Itella Logistics Oy with Itella Posti Oy. The new company structure came into force on January 1, 2015.

The change is part of Posti’s vision and strategy. The simplified corporate structure improves customer focus and generates savings in operations and administration. The merger did not affect Posti Group Corporation (former Itella Corporation), which continues as Group’s parent company.


All logistics operations in Finland covered by quality and environmental certificates

Posti’s logistics business expanded the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 systems in April. As a result of the audit by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), all logistics operations in Finland are now fully covered by quality and environmental certificates. In addition, the occupational health and safety certificate OHSAS 18001 covers more than 20 freight terminals.

The audit in the spring covered the transport terminals in Espoo, Herttoniemi (Helsinki), Kajaani, Kemi, Oulu and Rovaniemi and the warehouses on Alaniementie in Espoo and Makasiinikatu in Lahti. Management, sales and customer service were audited in Helsinki, Tuusula and Vantaa.


2,000 summer employees at Posti

Posti provided summer jobs for approximately 2,000 people in Finland. Many of the seasonal employees were students. The duration of summer jobs varied from a few weeks to a few months, with most of the work being available between June and August.

Most of the seasonal employees worked in mail delivery, sorting and transport. A total of 7,300 applications were received for the summer jobs.


The company name changed from Itella to Posti

In August, Itella Corporation announced that it will change its company name to Posti Group Corporation as of January 1, 2015. Since the beginning of 2015, Posti has served both consumer and business customers under one service brand. The change will further improve the customer experience and clarify the company’s identity as a Finnish postal, logistics and e-commerce service provider.


Varusteleka voted the best online store in Finland

In the fall, Varusteleka, an online store specializing in military goods, won the competition for the best online store in Finland. The competition organized by Posti and SBS Discovery Radio Oy continued throughout the summer, and the competition participants included 250 online stores of different sizes and from various fields. All in all, more than 13,000 votes were cast in the competition.


Mediabank to Multiprint

In September, Posti sold its Mediabank business to Multiprint. The personnel employed in the Mediabank business, its accounts and the Mediabank information system were merged with Multiprint. Mediabank EMMi is the market leader in digital asset management services (DAM) in Finland. Its clientele consists of Finland’s most prominent companies engaged in the retailing business, media and industry, and the public sector.


Product-specific delivery experiment began

In the fall, Posti carried out a three-month product-specific delivery experiment in Korso (Vantaa), Kivenlahti (Espoo), Porvoo, Riihimäki, Varkaus and Leppävirta. During the experiment, products referred to in the Postal Act as universal service products, as well as newspapers and parcels, were delivered five days a week, whereas letters, advertisements and magazines sent by companies were not delivered in the experiment areas on Tuesdays.

The experiment was based on the increase in digital communications and the steep decline in the volume of mail, as well as on our customers’ new needs. The change was very small for mail recipients, as the majority of delivery service remained unchanged.


OpusCapita acquired Norian Group

OpusCapita acquired Norian Group, a Norwegian financial accounting outsourcing company. Norian has eight locations in Norway and employs 175 people in Norway, Sweden and Lithuania. The acquisition made OpusCapita one of the major financial accounting outsourcing service providers in Norway.


Logistics services renewed in Scandinavia

Posti renewed its logistics services in Scandinavia. With regard to the service offering, Posti will in the future concentrate on road transport between its countries of operation. In this field, Posti already has a firm foothold and the possibility of increasing its market share. Another goal is to develop the road transport service offering in selected market areas in Europe.

As part of the renewal, Posti gave up air and sea freight in Scandinavia as well as service warehouses in Denmark and outsourced the distribution logistics within Scandinavia. Service warehouses in Sweden and Norway will be given up in 2015.


The Green Office label awarded to Posti’s headquarters

In November, Posti’s headquarters in Helsinki was awarded the Green Office label. WWF’s Green Office is a practical environmental management system targeted at offices that aims to reduce the ecological footprint and greenhouse gases.

Posti’s long-term efforts to reduce its environmental impact will be continued in line with the Green Office criteria. The headquarters of OpusCapita, part of Posti Group, in Keilaranta in Espoo has also been awarded the Green Office label.


3,300 seasonal assistants for the Christmas season

Posti prepared for the Christmas season by hiring 3,300 seasonal assistants in different parts of Finland. The need for additional employees was highest in the sorting of Christmas greetings and parcels as well as mail delivery. Most of the seasonal assistants started their work by mid-December. The busiest weeks were the two weeks before Christmas, as a result of the deadlines for sending Christmas greetings and a peak in mail volumes.