Annual Report 2014

Supplier audits

We have defined a Supplier Code of Conduct and require all of our service providers and suppliers to adhere to it. In addition to legality, the Supplier Code of Conduct includes principles related to corruption, human rights, child labor, discrimination, working conditions and environmental concerns.

During the year, we carried out a self-assessment covering all approved key suppliers. Of our countries of operation, the assessment applied to Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Other countries of operation were excluded from the scope of the assessment. We contacted a total of 740 suppliers, and the aim was that at least 75% of the suppliers would complete the assessment. The target was exceeded: by the end of the year, the response rate was 84%.

We also started supplier audits and completed 10 audits during the year. The auditing process was planned in cooperation with sourcing and risk management. All audits were conducted on-site at the supplier’s premises and they contained the inspection of the following aspects: the Supplier Code of Conduct, contract compliance, operational compliance, quality management, environmental management and risk management.

The supplier assessment was included in the new supplier criteria to enable us to ensure that all of the Group’s suppliers meet Posti’s requirements.