Annual Report 2014

Sourcing policy

In the fall, we revised our sourcing policy that defines how sourcing and supplier cooperation are managed and handled in Posti Group. The policy is divided into two parts: the first defines the general sourcing framework and the second describes sourcing-related guidelines and processes in more detail.

During the year, more than 90% of Posti’s sourcing in Finland originated from domestic suppliers. In other countries of operation, too, we favored local suppliers.

We acquired 840 vehicles and 211 trailers, dollies and swap bodies during the year. We also started using new double deck trailers which increase the transport capacity on our main routes. One double deck trailer can accommodate one third more goods than an ordinary trailer, and consequently, two trailers can transport the same amount of cargo as three ordinary trailers. In this way, we can save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. Nearly all trailers, dollies and swap bodies were acquired from a Finnish supplier after tendering.

Purchases related to the brand reform were sourced from Finnish marketing agencies and material providers.

Of the suppliers approved during the year, 84% were within the scope of self-assessment, corresponding to a nearly EUR 400 million purchase volume.