Annual Report 2014

The employee satisfaction survey

The content of Posti’s annual employee satisfaction survey was revised in 2014. At the same time, the name Voice, selected as a result of a name poll, was adopted.

The aim of the revised survey was to find out how dedicated to their work and their employer employees are and how well the employer facilitates good performance. The main themes of the Voice survey were the employees’ dedication to work and performance facilitation. Other themes included teamwork and cooperation, future and leadership, performance management, well-being, safety, and cultural transformation.

The survey was conducted in Finland and Russia in September–October. This year, the survey was taken by more than 12,000 Posti employees, or 59% of the personnel.

On the basis of the results, the employee dedication index was 48%. This means that slightly under half of employees expressed a positive attitude towards the four aspects measuring dedication. When compared to the norm in the postal and logistics industry on a global scale, the result can be considered low.

However, the performance facilitation index was higher. This index measures the extent of an organization’s commitment to producing excellent customer service and high-quality products or services and to basing its operations on the practices of continuous improvement. Especially cooperation with one’s closest colleagues was at a good level.