Annual Report 2014


We are a significant employer in Finland. We are an equal, international, multicultural and tolerant workplace community. We want to be the best employer.

During the year, we received approximately 28,000 job applications. In Finland, we entered into 505 new permanent employment contracts. Seasonal changes are significant in our industry, and we hire the highest number of seasonal employees in the summer and around Christmas. We provided summer jobs for approximately 2,000 people in Finland. We prepared for the Christmas season by hiring 3,300 seasonal assistants in different parts of the country. Most of the seasonal assistants worked in mail delivery, sorting and transportation.

We also participated in the national Responsible Summer Job campaign, alongside many other companies, making a commitment to its principles: a meaningful job and reasonable pay, a good applicant experience, employee orientation and guidance, fair and equal treatment and a written employment contract and reference.

Multiculturalism is a significant resource for our company. In Finland alone, our employees represent 85 nationalities.

Since 2012, we have been a member of Diversity Chapter Finland, which is coordinated by the corporate responsibility network FIBS. We were among the first companies in Finland to sign the charter. Diversity Chapter Finland offers its members information on best practices in the management of diversity and support in business development. The dimensions of diversity include age, sex, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, operational capability and religion, among other aspects.


Employee leaving rate in Finland

Leaving rate, Finland*

Permanent employment

of which females


under 25 years


25–34 years


35–44 years


45–54 years


55 years or older


of which males


under 25 years


25–34 years


35–44 years


45–54 years


55 years or older



*Total leaving rate 12.6% without seasonal employees (excl. OpusCapita Finland)