Annual Report 2014

Personnel reductions

During the year, we had to make difficult decisions related to personnel and launch several cooperation negotiations. In 2014, personnel reductions amounted to a total of 1,646 person-years. Out of this total, 741 person-years were reduced for reasons related to production and finance, and 59 person-years were reduced through voluntary resignations and pension plans. In addition, 846 person-years related to acquisitions were reduced.

Cooperation negotiations were carried out in basic delivery, line haul, OpusCapita’s financial accounting outsourcing services, sorting operations, Scandinavian logistics operations as well as with regard to expert and supervisory positions in administration and planning and supervisory positions in production.

Acting in a responsible and controlled manner is important to us. We are seeking solutions to the effects on employment in cooperation with personnel organizations. In Finland, we have made an agreement on change security with the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU. Change security will be applied to all of our personnel groups in accordance with the agreement. It will be implemented in conjunction with cooperation negotiations based on production-related and financial reasons.

As a responsible employer, we want to provide stronger support for the personnel in coping with the change situation in which demand for traditional postal work decreases. Early in the year, we launched the Uusi polku (New path) support program for our personnel. In addition to a monetary one-time compensation payment, the program offers training and support for job seeking, retraining, or becoming an entrepreneur. By the end of the year, nearly 1,000 employees had applied for the program and over 600 had been approved.