Annual Report 2014

Employee Code of Conduct

Intended for all of our employees, our Employee Code of Conduct covers laws and regulations, good business practices, nondiscrimination, equality, conflicts of interest, ethical commercial practices and environmental responsibility. It addresses core issues that help our employees choose the appropriate procedure in situations that require them to use their discretion.

It also describes notification, investigation and sanction procedures in cases of noncompliance. If we learn of a case of possible noncompliance, we investigate the case discreetly without delay. We communicate our ethical guidelines through internal channels, such as the intranet and our personnel magazine.

We updated the Code of Conduct towards the end of the year and its implementation in practice will continue in 2015. All employees in all our countries of operation are required to familiarize themselves with the guidelines and comply with them. Online training related to the guidelines is compulsory for all employees. We systematically monitor completion of the training.