Annual Report 2014

Posti Green

All of the letters, publications, parcels and direct marketing items delivered by us are completely carbon neutral Posti Green services for our customers. By using Posti Green products, our customers can reduce CO2 emissions in their supply chain processes.

We primarily reduce emissions through projects that are directly related to our operations. The carbon-dioxide emissions generated by our services are calculated as part of our annual environmental calculations. We neutralize the remaining carbon-dioxide emissions related to the transport and delivery of Posti Green products by funding climate projects. In practice, if transporting one letter produces 20 grams of carbon dioxide, we use certified climate projects to ensure that an equal amount of emissions is reduced somewhere else.

We carry out climate projects in countries that have no emission ceilings. We do not implement climate projects in Finland or other Kyoto Protocol countries that have binding targets.

In 2015, we will expand Posti Green so that, in addition to postal items, it covers all operations in Finland.