Annual Report 2014

Driving habit monitoring

Our fleet of 4,000 commercial vehicles in Finland records a total of 118 million kilometers each year. The vehicles represent 80% of the total carbon-dioxide emissions of our company.

We reduce fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions by planning routes efficiently, combining deliveries and driving in an environmentally responsible manner. In addition, our goal is to increase the share of alternative vehicles to 40% of our delivery vehicles by 2020.

In 2013, we began the installation of driving habit monitoring devices in our delivery and transport vehicles in Finland. The installation was completed in May 2014 and devices have now been installed in approximately 4,000 vehicles. The driving habit monitoring devices help to reduce fuel consumption and drive down carbon-dioxide emissions. What’s more, it will be possible to set and monitor regional targets for both consumption and emissions. This will also cut down vehicle costs. With the devices, we can also invest in the improvement of occupational safety.

We also deliver mail by foot and by bicycle. A total of 1,200 delivery routes are handled by bicycles every day. In addition to bicycles, we also use environmentally friendly electric carts, mopeds, scooters and cars. Up until now, increasing the number of electric cars in delivery has been challenging, as electric cars suitable for winter conditions in Finland are not available. About half of the mopeds we use are electric.

IPC has organized the international Drivers’ Challenge competition twice, in France and in Ireland. In March 2015, we hosted the event in Ivalo. The driving habit index by the driving habit monitoring device played a decisive role in the selection of the Finnish competitors. The index must be at least 95 for a period of several months. The competition involved driving efficiency and safety tests as well as customer service-oriented tasks. In addition to vehicle handling skills, points were awarded on the extent of the postal companies’ commitment to environmental objectives and sustainable development.