Annual Report 2014



Because the customer experience is key, we constantly request feedback, so that we can further improve our operations. We conduct business customer satisfaction studies both on a project and event specific basis and with more comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys that are conducted regularly once or twice a year. In 2014, information was collected and reported twice in Finland and Russia and once in other countries.

Business customers are mainly interviewed over the telephone but also partly with online surveys. The surveys are targeted to those who decide on or participate in the decision-making on the purchase of services offered by Posti. In 2014, our customer satisfaction studies were based on the Taloustutkimus Corporate 360 content model.

Each year, we also measure the satisfaction of consumer customers with Posti and the key operational processes: receiving, sending and customer service. Taloustutkimus collected information in May, receiving more than 1,000 responses.

The consumers’ overall rating of Posti as a whole declined from the previous year. The customer service ratings as well as ratings given by consumers for sending and receiving transactions remained at the same level as in the previous year. The ratings for Parcel points continued to be very good.

There were only minor changes in the ratings for sending and receiving transactions so they do not explain the decline in overall ratings. Indeed, declining overall ratings are more closely linked with the negative media publicity attracted by Posti’s delivery route changes, mail delivery disruptions and personnel reductions during the first half of the year. It seems that the overall ratings also reflect people’s assessment of Posti as a company in society.

According to the business customer satisfaction study, our customers were less satisfied with us than they were in the previous year. In postal services, the results were poorer for all services. In logistics services, the results improved in the spring of 2014 but took a downward turn again in the fall.

The highest customer satisfaction was achieved in parcel services and contract logistics. Of the geographical regions, the most significant year-on-year result improvement was achieved in the Baltic countries. In Russia, customer satisfaction did not change substantially compared to the previous year.

When processing customer details, we comply with the legislation in force and protect our customers’ privacy. This includes, among other things, confidentiality, safe storage of customer details and their usage only for the purpose for which they were originally provided.

In customer marketing communications, we adhere to generally accepted ethical and cultural standards, respect the privacy of consumers and protect vulnerable consumer groups, such as children. In addition, we comply with the ICC International Code of Advertising Practice and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.