Annual Report 2014

CASE: New life for work clothing through UFF

Used clothes and shoes are recycled within Posti, and clothes are used for as long as possible. Nevertheless, some clothes become redundant.

Since September 2014, Posti has donated work clothing that is no longer used to UFF, which delivers them to Malawi, Africa, for further use. Re-use is the most ecologically sustainable way of recycling clothes. During the first four months more than 2,460 kilos of clothes were delivered to Malawi.

In Africa, UFF’s partner, a local charitable organization, passes the clothes on for re-use. Clothes are sold to local people who, in turn, resell them on a local marketplace to earn money for their families. In this way, the clothes business provides a new profession and a source of livelihood for the family. In Malawi, more than 12,000 locals have found a new means of earning their living by selling clothes.