Annual Report 2014


Taking stakeholders’ expectations into account constitutes the core of responsibility and the foundation for the continuity of our business operations. Our corporate responsibility principles – such as the UN’s Global Compact principles – define our key areas and commitments.

Corporate responsibility is subject to a wide variety of expectations. In terms of financial responsibility, the company should be profitable. In terms of the environment, it should reduce emissions. In terms of society, it should provide high-quality services. In terms of personnel, it should ensure well-being at work and the sourcing chain needs to be ethically sound.

We divide our corporate responsibility into four areas: financial, social, people and environmental responsibility. Although we view corporate responsibility from a global perspective, we play a significant role in society in Finland and we are subject to the universal service obligation based on the Postal Act. For this reason, we have made social responsibility a separate area of responsibility. We mainly report on social responsibility in Finland.

The four areas of corporate responsibility

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