Annual Report 2014

People responsibility management

Our human resources strategy provides guidelines for personnel development based on the needs of business operations and employees, in line with corporate responsibility. Our principles of people responsibility and ethical guidelines for personnel are in line with the UN Global Compact initiative.

We measure the quality of the management and the state of the workplace community by carrying out annual personnel surveys. We use the results in the development of our organizational culture, processes and operating models. In addition, we use the unit-specific results in the development of the work atmosphere, operating methods and supervisory work. We actively cooperate with our personnel, and managers and employee representatives meet regularly at cooperation meetings.

The leadership cornerstones lay the foundation for consistent management practices in all of our units. They indicate what is expected of a good manager or supervisor at Posti. Our change management concept supports the management of our business operations.

The management of well-being at work is an important part of our human resources strategy. We monitor employee well-being by using various indicators, such as an annual employee satisfaction survey Voice, the number of sick leave days and the reasons for sick leave as well as disability, retirement and occupational accidents.

Intended for all of our employees, our Employee Code of Conduct covers laws and regulations, good business practices, nondiscrimination, equality, conflicts of interest, ethical commercial practices and environmental responsibility. It addresses core issues that help our employees choose the appropriate procedure in situations that require them to use their discretion.