Annual Report 2014

Performance improvement program

The targets of the two-year EUR 100 million performance improvement program, launched in spring 2013, were achieved ahead of schedule, already in the third quarter of 2014. The targets of the program were exceeded, with total savings amounting to nearly EUR 140 million.

In August, the Group launched a new performance improvement program for 2015–2016, aiming at EUR 75 million in cost savings. The aims include achieving synergy benefits through the consolidation of production, improving the efficiency of the ICT function, achieving savings in sourcing, and simplifying the product portfolio. In September, Posti signed a significant cooperation contract with which Posti centralizes cleaning, property maintenance, waste management and technical building services to an external partner.

In January, Posti started cooperation negotiations concerning basic delivery that led to the dismissal of 407 employees. As the result of the cooperation negotiations in April that concerned line haul production, 55 employees were dismissed and 26 drivers of road trains were offered comparable work in a different location.

The cooperation negotiations carried out in OpusCapita’s financial management outsourcing services in Tampere in April led to the dismissal of 29 employees. The cooperation negotiations related to Posti’s sorting operations started in August and led to the dismissal of 38 employees in Jyväskylä and Seinäjoki. In September, cooperation negotiations were carried out concerning employees in expert and supervisory positions in administration as well as planning and supervisory duties in production. The negotiations led to the dismissal of 254 employees.

The cooperation negotiations carried out in Scandinavia in the fall led to the dismissal of 72 employees in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Some of the personnel reductions were implemented through outsourcing and business transfers. All in all, personnel reductions amounted to 1,646.