Annual Report 2014

Letter and publication volumes will fall to half by 2020

The rate of digitization in postal services is accelerating substantially. We estimate that by 2020, letter and publication volumes will have fallen to half of what they are today. During the year, the volumes of addressed letters decreased by 10%. The decline in the volumes of newspapers and magazines also accelerated. The delivery volumes decreased from the previous year by 13% for newspapers and by 10% for magazines.

The breakthrough for electronic invoicing occurred in Finland in 2013, with half of consumer invoices received electronically. According to the survey we published in February, 34% of consumer invoices were received in an online bank or Netposti. No less than 15% of consumer invoices were received by e-mail. The pace of change has now accelerated so that two thirds of consumers are ready to change over to receiving invoices in an online bank and to other electronic alternatives. According to our forecast, the share of electronic consumer invoices will be 75% in 2020.