Annual Report 2014

CASE: Varusteleka voted the best online store in Finland

Varusteleka, an online store specializing in military goods, won the competition for the best online store in Finland in 2014. The competition organized by Posti and SBS Discovery Radio continued throughout the summer, and the competition participants included 250 online stores of different sizes and from various fields. Consumers could vote for their favorites in five categories: the best look, the best selection, the best usability, the best customer service and the best delivery methods. Varusteleka received the highest number of votes in all categories. All in all, more than 13,100 votes were cast in the competition.

- For 11 years, we have developed our operations and aimed to conduct e-commerce as well as possible. We invest in doing everything well and ensuring that all aspects function: there are comprehensive details available about our products, the customers know what they get and can constantly track the progress of their goods, and it is easy to return products. We employ more than fifty professionals and, for us, the brick-and-mortar shop is an extension of the online store, not the other way around, says Valtteri Lindholm, the owner of Varusteleka, listing factors leading to the win in a nutshell.

The competition seeks to promote people’s awareness of online stores, especially Finnish ones.