Annual Report 2014

CASE: Lunch to your door

Every weekday morning, the door to Maija-Liisa Saarneva’s, aged 88, apartment in Pori opens. The key is turned by Posti’s meal deliverer, bringing a hot meal for her. The young man, already a familiar visitor, gives an update on the day’s weather while stepping into the hall. He also reads the menu on top of the heat-insulated box as Saarneva’s eyesight has impaired slightly.

Everything tastes good, but Saarneva’s absolute favorites are delicious steaming soups. Desserts offer sweet nostalgia: whipped berry porridge and chocolate kissel taste just like her mother’s.

Posti delivers meals in some 80 cities. Meal deliveries are often local deliveries from industrial kitchens to service kitchens at schools, day-care centers and other facilities.