Annual Report 2014

CASE: The smart locker makes the customers’ everyday life easier in Kalasatama in Helsinki

In early 2015, Posti launched a new mail delivery experiment in the Kalasatama district of Helsinki. The idea is to install a smart locker in at least one residential building in the area, in order to enable residents to receive not only day mail but also groceries and online purchases. The experiment combines existing technologies in a brand-new way for the first time.

Web services and digitization change people’s service use and reading habits, and services are expected to offer flexibility, independent of time or place. For this reason, Posti participates in the Smart Kalasatama project coordinated by Forum Virium, the first pilot project of Tekes’ Witty City program.

- Kalasatama is a new kind of urban residential area, and one of the starting points in its construction is smoothness of everyday life. That is also our main mission at Posti. We want to be involved in developing smart urban construction and improving services offered by Posti together with residents and other players, says Vice President Anu Punola.