Annual Report 2014

CASE: Fragile ceramics

Over the years, Pentik, known for its ceramics, has grown into an international chain of interior decoration shops. At its factory in Posio, the company manufactures ceramics. In addition, Pentik imports and sells interior decoration products designed by the company and manufactured by its partners.

Pentik has trusted Posti with their deliveries. The products for the shops are collected into roll cages at the Posio logistics center. Larger orders are delivered as partial and full loads directly to the shops. Roll cages pass through Posti’s Oulu terminal.

Posti also transports products ordered at Pentik’s online store to consumer customers.

Tuomas Laatikainen, Logistics Manager at Pentik, says that despite long distances, nearly all domestic customers can be reached within 24 hours: the delivery leaves Posio at 2 p.m. and reaches the customer at 2 p.m. the following day.

- Posti’s transport network has even been adjusted according to our needs, says Laatikainen.

In Posio, Pentik has a 6,000 sq.m. warehouse. In addition, Pentik signed a contract on project warehousing with Posti this year: the products for the campaign executed in the fall were delivered in containers from the Port of Helsinki to Posti’s warehouse in Espoo and customers ordered the products directly from Posti.

- Outsourcing provides us with more storage space: our own warehouses would not be sufficient for warehousing campaign products. Our customers’ schedules are tight so we can also save time when products do not come all the way from Posio, Laatikainen notes.