Annual Report 2014

CASE: Disclosing data on the emissions of transports openly to end customers

At Wulff, we sell and market office supplies, facility management products, business and promotional gifts, IT supplies as well as ergonomics and first aid products. We have certified quality and environmental management systems in place, and we have taken active measures already for years to measure and mitigate the environmental impact of operations.

Posti takes care of Wulff’s warehousing and transport. The warehousing solution offered by Posti has resulted in cost savings as well as emission reductions – energy efficiency and cost efficiency go hand in hand. Transport from the warehouse to the customer, on the other hand, takes place as carbon neutral Posti Green shipments.

Utilizing the environmental data provided by Posti with Wulff’s own customers has been essential to Wulff. With Posti’s data, Wulff can offer its own customers solutions that reduce emissions and emission data to meet the requirements of the customers’ environmental management systems, for example.

Marko Helin
Service and Production Director