Annual Report 2014

CASE: Guaranteed blood deliveries

For example, when Sirkka donates blood in Oulu on Monday, the donation is probably used in a Finnish hospital on Wednesday. Before that, Posti has transported the donated blood from Oulu to the production facilities of the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service in Helsinki. There blood is examined and the different elements of blood – red blood cells, platelets and plasma – in the blood bag are separated for processing.

Each week, Posti transports more than 60 blood product deliveries throughout Finland. Deliveries involve extremely advanced logistics as donated blood must be processed within 24 hours of the donation.

Blood products keep for a slightly longer period of time: red blood cells for 35 days and platelets for five days. Due to the short life of platelets, the Blood Service needs a steady number of donors each weekday.

Posti and the Blood Service have cooperated since the 1990s.

- The most important things are delivery accuracy and exact, scheduled pickup times, says Markku Ryhänen, Logistics Coordinator at the Blood Service. Posti’s goal is to secure deliveries always, even in exceptional circumstances, in order not to jeopardize patient safety.