Annual Report 2014

Financial processes to an entirely new level

At the beginning of the year, OpusCapita started operating as an independent subgroup of Posti Group. The Board of Directors prepared a new strategy for OpusCapita, and we launched development programs to promote financing solutions, artificial intelligence, robotics and internationalization. Of these programs, we published Supply Chain Financing in early 2015 in Finland. The system will help SMEs to receive their payment in a matter of days, if necessary, and to improve their liquidity and competitiveness by taking advantage of their large corporate customers’ financial position. Supply Chain Financing is also beneficial to the buying companies as it will allow them to manage their own supply chain and ensure the availability of the products that they need.

Towards the end of the year, we conducted a significant organizational restructuring to centralize production and clarify business operations. In the outsourcing business, a substantial number of production centralization projects were carried out throughout the year in order to find synergies. In addition, the transfer project of the IT infrastructure outsourcing contract signed by the company and related customer work were completed during the year.

In September, we signed a contract with SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) on cooperation with regard to SWIFT’s Alliance Lite2 banking connections. We are the only provider of this new SWIFT service in the Nordic countries. In addition, OpusCapita is the first SaaS application provider that offers its customers the opportunity to utilize SWIFT’s 3SKey identification and authentication solution.

As SWIFT’s partner, OpusCapita introduces a new global alternative for companies’ international payments. Alliance Lite2 is a banking connection solution that is provided by SWIFT as a cloud service and that is pre-integrated into the Payment Factory solution provided by OpusCapita as a SaaS service.